RMM Services

RMM VirtualAdministrator

For a fraction of the cost of a dedicated, in-house engineer, we optimize and maintain your RMM investment.

◆  Create and execute a tailored RMM best practices strategy
◆  Includes configuration and maintenance of monitoring, scripting, reporting, patch management and more
◆  Evaluate and then fine-tune alerts and tickets
◆  On-demand RMM module training for your engineers to support the efficient use of tools
◆ Options for script development, report design, and migrations


Just getting started with your RMM tool? We’ll set you up for success.

◆  Configure monitoring and alerting
◆  Recommended patching policies
◆  Configure virtualization manager
◆  PSA integration

RMM HealthCheck

Not sure where you stand with your RMM? We’ll evaluate.

◆  Client, contract, and locations correctly set up
◆  Service plans and groups
◆  PSA integration including service boards, ticket mapping, and ticket statuses
◆  Ticket fine-tuning to reduce noise
◆  Monitors and alert templates
◆  Patch management setup
◆  Review of required plugins such A/V, backup and virtualization