MSP Dedicated Engineers

MSP Dedicated Engineers

Good people are hard to find.

As your talent partner, we find and train your next MSP team member. Not only is our talent university educated, they are trained in technology as well as MSP tools and processes for 60 days in our “MSP Way” boot camp.
We deliver the talent you need when you need it—ready to go from Day 1.

What Makes ITBD Different?

We don’t offer our partners anything that hasn’t already been tried and tested by our company. Let’s start right there. We’ve built out all our services based on what we learning during our time delivering MSP services in NYC.

◆  Our MSP dedicated engineers are fully trained during a 60-day MSP Way Bootcamp to deliver immediate value

◆  What do you prefer to use in your MSP business? Great. That’s what our talent will use, too

◆  Our team works when you want … whatever 8×5 schedule is the right fit for your team is the right fit for us.

◆  We don’t match you with your perfect remote engineer and run; we work on our end to continue driving their individualized career development plans and setting challenging milestones for success

On-Demand Access to Top-Notch Talent

When workloads spike and unexpected projects hit, we have you covered. Now you can add specialized skills to your team without hiring full-time and gain the flexibility to staff up or down quickly and cost-effectively. Just identify the niche expertise you need for your MSP and leverage temp employees to match seasonal skill needs. 

Access our extensive talent pool, unrestricted by geography.


What the Heck is the MSP Way Bootcamp?

We took our 15-plus years on the mean streets of NYC and created a training program that every single ITBD engineer completes. In those two months, we cover ticket lifecycles, dispatch, time entries, escalation workflows, SLA management, email etiquette, customer service, and more. We dive deep in MSP tools such as PSAs, RMMs, Microsoft, security, and backup (cloud and otherwise). We explain how the MSP business model works and make sure all our people fully understand what good looks like for MSPs and their customers.


After nearly 20 years in the managed services business, we know what good looks like, and after a few easy steps, we’ll connect you with the dedicated, knowledgeable talent you need.

Helpdesk Support Specialist (HSS)

◆  Desktop operating system maintenance
◆  Desktop operating system troubleshooting
◆  Desktop connectivity troubleshooting
◆  Application installation and support
◆  Printer installation and support
◆  Client VPN installation and support
◆  Microsoft Office Suite Support
◆  Desktop anti-malware administration and resolution

Senior Helpdesk Support Specialist (HSS+)

◆  Active Directory user management
◆  Active Directory user troubleshooting
◆  Exchange/Office 365 user management
◆  Exchange/Office 365 user troubleshooting
◆  Firewall/Backup maintenance and troubleshooting
◆  Desktop operating system support
◆  Desktop connectivity troubleshooting
◆  Application installation and support
◆  Printer installation and support
◆  Client VPN installation and support
◆  Microsoft Office Suite Support
◆  Desktop anti-malware administration and resolution

System Administrators

◆  Trained and experienced in servers and networking
◆  Windows Server support
◆  Advanced desktop troubleshooting
◆  Windows Server administration
◆  Active Directory administration
◆  Office 365 administration
◆  Microsoft Exchange 2010 and higher administration
◆  Backup administration
◆  LAN/WAN troubleshooting and diagnosis
◆  Basic private and public cloud administration
◆  Server and network alert remediation
◆  Anti-malware administration and resolution

HSS+ Azure

◆  Advance desktop troubleshooting (HSS+)
◆  AD Administration
◆  O365 Administration
◆  Manage Azure identities and governance
◆  Manage Azure storage
◆  Manage Azure compute resources
◆  Configure and manage virtual networking
◆  Monitor and back up Azure resources

HSS+ Security

◆  Advance desktop troubleshooting (HSS+)
◆  AD Administration
◆  O365 Administration
◆  Auditing Windows security logs
◆  Auditing Firewall logs
◆  Auditing spam filter logs
◆  Auditing & managing various AV solutions
◆  License Management
◆  Managing EDR & MDR solutions
◆  L1 incident response such as (Cleaning Virus infections,
Closing open ports on firewalls, disabling compromised
accounts etc.)

Associate Service Coordinator

If your focus is on creating and maintaining strong client relationships, our Associate Service Coordinator will work directly with your clients to determine their unique goals and ensuring needs are met to deliver exceptional customer service.

◆ Onboard new clients
◆ Track monthly invoices
◆ Support QA and seamless customer communications
◆ Create marketing campaigns


By coordinating and prioritizing calendars, communications, and other logistics, your virtual assistant allows you to focus on business development.

◆ Email management
◆ Meeting & event logistics
◆ Data & reporting management


Under the supervision of your research project leaders, our research assistants can accelerate research activities such as new market demographics to support lead gen efforts, competitor insights, organization and analysis of data, reporting, and more.

◆ Market demographic research
◆ Lead generation analysis
◆ Competitive landscape research