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Our exclusive leadership retreat is where you’ll explore some of this beautiful country’s amazing sites, from the majestic Taj Mahal to the Bangla Sahib, one of the most prominent Sikh houses of worship.

Your grand excursion begins on Saturday, April 8, and runs through Sunday, April 16, 2023.

Why an

india retreat?

IT By Design is proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2023, so why not commemorate this incredible milestone with you and other partners in India? The first retreat in 2020 was loved by all and after numerous partner requests, we thought when better to restart this exclusive program than on our anniversary. This amazing experience allows Sunny and Kam Kaila to share with you the wonderful culture of their homeland while giving you a rare opportunity to visit the company’s facilities, interact with your Indian support team, embrace the company’s welcoming internal culture, and most importantly, get a guided tour of some of the beauty of India through the eyes of locals.

Who Should


The ITBD Retreat is ideal for the senior leaders of your organization because it provides a unique opportunity for you to personally learn about the Indian culture. As you know, we truly value culture, and interacting with team members requires an understanding of what is important to them. Whether you’re an existing or potential partner, this excursion allows you to better understand and communicate with Indian engineers, and spend valuable one-on-one time with ITBD leaders. Your spouse is also welcome so you both can enjoy this incredible authentic experience in a land that you might not otherwise visit on your own.

Your Tour Agenda


During this time you’ll personally meet some of ITBD’s leadership team and fellow MSP partners, and travel, shop, dine, and even party with them. This is an unforgettable way to build your relationship with ITBD and venture with personal guides through an awe-inspiring world which may not be on your bucket list.

You’re responsible for booking your own airfare, and all meals and accommodations will be included in a per-person fee. The experience, though, is priceless!

This amazing trip, back by popular demand, is limited to a number of partners and their spouses. We’ll try our best to accommodate as many as possible. Please complete the registration below by January 20, 2023.

Enjoy this video from our last retreat in 2020 to get a taste of what you’ll experience.

frequently asked questions

Your flight to India and one flat fee to IT By Design to cover the bookings of your hotel, airfare, three meals per day, and all other accommodations while in India. Any incidentals plus liquor is your responsibility.

Absolutely! You’re invited to bring one (1) guest of your choice. While you may be sharing a room, there is an additional fee that covers the cost of meals, airfare, and double occupancy hotel rates. You’re responsible for any additional fees throughout the retreat (see below).

Refunds are not available because we need to pay for hotel and travel reservations, etc. in advance. They will be booked in your name and secured using your Passport ID, so unfortunately we will not be able to cancel.

  • Single occupancy hotel rooms from April 8th (evening) to April 16th (departure)
  • Breakfast and Dinner each day
  • All inter-country transportation and airfare
  • All entrance fees for destinations
  • There is a separate rate for double occupancy

You must provide the following:

  • Arrive in Delhi on Sunday, April 8 – provide arrival details.
  • Copies of passports for yourself and any travel companions (to be used for securing hotel reservations in your name)
  • Your eVisa information
  • Proof of Covid vaccinations
  • Standard vaccinations for overseas travel
  • Carry your own prescription/common medications
  • Optional mask
  • Any dietary restrictions/food allergies
  • Able to withstand lengthy air/bus travel
  • Any currency exchange (Indian Rupee) needed
  • Funding for such amenities as spa services, shopping, any hotel incidentals etc.
  • At least one carry-on bag for inter-country travel. Our bags will follow us, but we ask that you carry your essentials in an approved carry-on for inter-country air travel in India.
  • Clothing appropriate for temperatures ranging between 60 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Casual clothing (sneakers, light apparel, etc.)
  • Business Formal wear for office visit in Noida and Chandigarh
  • Formal party attire for our 20th Anniversary party
  • Clothing for water sports (optional)
  • Overnight bags for one-night stays (appropriate for luggage restrictions)
  • Waive all liabilities during the retreat
  • Sign a waiver to allow IT By Design to use any photos/video footage in which you may appear

No. You are free to opt out of any function as long as the group returns to the hotel prior to leaving for the next destination. If you do venture out on your own, please inform your Indian chaperone.

  • Do not consume any food from street vendors (you may eat at U.S.-based food chains such as McDonalds, Dominoes, etc.)
  • Do not eat raw vegetables or fruit (unless fruit is in a shell)
  • Drink bottled water only
  • Do not consume ice

Please ensure that you are up to date with your appropriate vaccinations. India does NOT require US citizens to be vaccinated for Covid.