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We specialize in custom business solutions for MSPs. With our expertise and commitment to our clients’ success, we create partnerships that take your business to the next level.

For over two decades, ITBD has lived in the MSP world

Today we’re the most trusted MSP for MSPs. We have spent 20 years building a team of highly trained technical talent that can support any MSP at a moment’s notice. We’ve developed and continue to refine an all-in-one software solution that helps MSPs manage staff, keep objectives on target, and build a strong and happy company culture.
We have given back to our community through our Build IT Initiative, which includes an annual conference focused on MSP growth by facilitating the sharing of knowledge and resources. And finally, we have built a community for our partners that is focused on growing their teams through professional development and leadership trainings.

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For two decades, we’ve built ITBD with a strong sense of community firmly rooted in our principles and values. We’ve grown steadily over the years by taking care of our team as if they are family. That’s because loyalty lies at the heart of who we are and how we guide our business. That is one of the reasons we remain privately held—it allows us to always make the decisions that are best for our partners and our community.
We look forward to getting to know you better when you join our ITBD family.

Plus, we’re huggers. What more could you want?

ITBD leadership

Sunny Kaila

CEO & Founder

Kam Kaila

President & Chief Community Officer

Javid Khan

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Saini

VP & Head - India Operations

Ketan Patel

VP - Strategy & Transformation

Aki Verma

VP - Delivery & Operations

Vikram Kanitkar

Chief Product Manager

Rita Hayre

Chief Learning Officer

Senior Service Delivery Manager

VP - Strategy & Transformation

Sameer Shukla

Senior Service Delivery Manager

Our core values

Plus, we are darn fun!

Oh, and did we mention that we love pets too!


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New Hire Manager


Attendance Manager


Treat Disbursement Officer


Chief Ball Fetcher


Audio Visual Lead

Bobbi Jo

Director of Mischief

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Overnight NAP Manager


NAP Manager

Dasher, Winston, Jackson

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Brand Manager


Human Resource Watcher


Security Operations


Javid's 2nd in Command

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