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Give your MSP employees career training that’s specialized to their professional needs.

Become the business that top talent dreams of working for!

Offering your employees career and leadership training isn’t just about helping them — it’s about helping your business reach its next level of success. Unfortunately, MSPs have neither the time nor the resources to create these learning opportunities independently.

Programs give your team:

Practical tools & processes

Access resources and templates to optimize every element of your MSP operation.

In-demand business skills

Learn how to improve collaboration and communication to create highly engaged teams.

Valuable industry insights

Share insights with like-minded peers and study industry best practices to build a thriving business.

Help top talent unlock their full potential through specialized training in a lively group learning environment.

Program Details

Leadership is a skill that needs to be fueled and nurtured on a regular basis. Many MSPs have leaders that have never formally been trained on the fundamental principles of effective leadership. This leads to poor leaders and higher attrition in MSPs. Build IT Communities of Practice (CoP) allows you to prioritize what your team needs most. The Build IT CoP Leadership Program will take you through the key principles of effective leadership. We’ve built a curriculum that not only teaches you the fundamentals, but also provides tools and practical experience to ensure the learnings become lifelong habits.

Build IT Leadership CoP helps your team:

  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Develop Decision-Making Skills
  • Foster a Collaborative Environment
  • Improve Performance
  • + More!

The MSP industry is full of extremely technical individuals. They are the glue that keeps our service divisions running. Sometimes we promote these individuals, hoping that they will groom 10 more just like them, but just because they are technically skilled, doesn’t mean they can lead and grow others. Service managers are responsible for overseeing the functioning of a company’s service operations. Therefore, it is essential they receive proper training to perform their duties effectively.

Build IT Service CoP helps your team:

  • Understand Intricacies of Service Operations
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Remain Up-To-Date with Service Standards
  • + More!

There is a science and methodology for sales and yet very few people have received formal sales training. Once your team understands the basic core competencies and learns the appropriate techniques, they can build their skills and further develop their abilities for success.

Build IT Sales CoP helps your team:

  • Prospecting & Qualification
  • Negotiation & Closing
  • Handling Objections
  • Communication & Customer Service
  • + More!
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