Employee Success Stories

It’s easy for us to say we’re committed to a corporate culture where coworkers are like family and our investments into our talent are front and center. We are going to let our colleagues tell you their unique story about their path to IT By Design—and how they have personally grown as part of our work family.

Aki Verma

Growth and comfort do not coexist. Aki Verma’s career journey with IT By Design proves that right.

Mohit Dhiman

From System Administrator to leading a team of 35 talented engineers - Mohit's journey at ITBD has been nothing, but extraordinary.

Shivani Bhola

For Shivani, one of the most exciting, yet challenging things at the workplace is interacting with people. IT By Design has given her a platform to connect with clients from different regions and cultures – something she has been extremely passionate about.

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6 Reasons to choose ITBD as your employer:
  • We view our employees as partners
  • We cultivate the whole person through development programs
  • We rely on ‘Open Door Policy’
  • We understand people have lives outside of work
  • We offer an atmosphere of creativity
  • We listen


IT By Design’s mission is to turn today’s disruptors into tomorrow’s leaders. Through sponsorship, IT By Design also empowers its workforce with higher education programs to develop their skills for delivering challenging projects.

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