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Talent Capable of Working on Today’s Technologies

Talent Capable of Working on Today’s Technologies

As organizations increasingly embrace cloud solutions, Azure has an assured bright future as a strong alternative to AWS and Google Cloud. In fact, Microsoft reported that Azure accounted for 31% of the cloud services revenue last year. 

With Azure becoming a standard service, the need for skilled Azure engineers is more pressing than ever—a trend that has risen in the channel as well. MSPs are seeking professionals who can not only manage day-to-day Azure operations but also navigate the complexities of cloud architecture, optimize performance, bolster security and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Keeping this growing demand in mind, we’re expanding our pool of MSP-dedicated engineers to include engineers who specialize in Azure. Additionally, to ease your burden of building team of specialized engineers, we’ve launched a new offering where in we’ll build, train and operate the team for you. 

Azure Pro: Your Trusted Day-to-Day Support 

Introducing Azure Pro, a specialized service designed to address your Azure-related needs comprehensively. Our skilled Azure engineers form the backbone of this offering, equipped with a robust foundation in Azure fundamentals, cloud concepts and basic networking principles. They are your trusted partners in ensuring the smooth operation of your clients’ day-to-day Azure tasks. 

What you can expect 

Cloud Monitoring: Azure Pro engineers can assist with the meticulous monitoring of Azure resources, analyzing performance metrics and generating fundamental reports to keep your Azure environment optimized. 

Basic Troubleshooting: When issues arise, our engineers are quick to identify and resolve common Azure challenges, swiftly escalating more complex problems to higher tiers when necessary. 

Infrastructure Support: Need assistance in setting up and managing Azure virtual machines, storage accounts, or basic network configurations? Our Azure Pro team is here to ensure your Azure infrastructure runs seamlessly. 

Team Collaboration: Our Azure Pro engineers seamlessly integrate with your existing team, providing valuable support and contributing to projects under supervision. 

Azure Advanced: Expert Support for Azure Complexities 

With Azure Advanced, we bring you an elite tier of Azure engineers with the prowess to tackle even the most intricate and specialized Azure tasks. You get to hire Azure engineers who not only possess a profound understanding of Azure services but also boast advanced troubleshooting capabilities and a track record of successful cloud implementations. 

What you can expect

Cloud Architecture: Our Azure Advanced engineers excel in crafting bespoke Azure architectures that are scalable, resilient and tailored precisely to your clients’ unique requirements. 

Performance Optimization: These engineers can fine-tune Azure resources, leverage automation and optimize cloud costs for to ensure that your Azure environment operates at peak performance. 

Security and Compliance: Azure Advanced engineers act as vigilant guardians of your clients’ data. They implement robust security measures, establish access controls and adhere rigorously to compliance standards. 

Complex Troubleshooting: When confronted with intricate Azure challenges, our engineers can provide robust solutions and independently handle complex issues. 

Project Resources: Our Azure Advanced engineers are the additional firepower for your Azure-related projects. They can seamlessly integrate into your team, drive successful outcomes and collaborate effectively to achieve your project goals. 

Dedicated Talent Pods: Your Team Built and Trained by Us 

We know how challenging it is to build, train and operate a team of specialized engineers, especially when you cannot shift focus away from other crucial decisions. What if we could shoulder that burden for you? In a first-of-its-kind offering to solve the talent crisis in the channel, we’re introducing Dedicated Talent Pods. With this unique offering, we take care of the intricate process of building, training and running an engineering team specifically for your MSP. Even better, when you’re ready to assume full control, we’ll seamlessly transition the reins to you. This exclusive service empowers you to conquer talent-related hurdles without the heavy lifting, allowing you to channel your energies where they matter most. 

Schedule a call with us today to discuss how you can either have specialized engineers join your team or build a team from scratch or do both. 

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