7 Action Items to Build an Onboarding Process for Long Term Success

July 31, 2019

7 Action Items to Build an Onboarding Process for Long Term Success

Onboarding for Long-Term Success 

As MSPs, we thrive on the success of effectively handling technical issues of our clients.  To do this, it is critical to ensure clear communication with clients right from the start.  At IT By Design this starts with our onboarding process, which has become an integral piece to our success as a technology service provider.

Creating a proper onboarding process that aligns with your systems provides comprehensive direction to build a positive foundation for mutual success.

Facing the Challenge

The problem is, onboarding is a tedious task that can very easily become overwhelming.  To solve this, our service delivery team put significant effort into creating a streamlined process.   Once this process was in place,  the results were efficiencies that allow us to increase profitability, drive accountability and ensure a positive first experience with new clients.  This consistently leads to  long-term successful partnerships.

Where to Start

When creating a strong onboarding process, ask yourself the following questions:

How much time does a typical onboarding take? 

What is your cost in billable hours for onboarding? 

Do you charge for onboarding? 

Is there project plan in your PSA for onboarding? 

You should be able to answer most of these.  The key is to understand where you can create efficiencies and find gaps.
To start you in the process, here are 7 action items to follow when building an onboarding process for long-term success:


Identify an implementation team or engineer who will be accountable for onboarding 


Create a check list based off your business model identifying each step in the onboard process that must be completed for it to be successful 


Once all steps in your process are finalized, identify department owners or teams that are responsible for each one


Formalize a final plan and create documentation on your new onboarding process 


Communicate with your teams on the new process, provide training and define accountability cross-functionally 


Build a project template in your PSA with individual tickets for each task 


Keep measure on KPIs to understand success, and find pivot points  

To help you get started, we’re sharing our onboarding process document which you can edit to suit your business model.

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Onboarding Process Template