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Elevate Your MSP Game with Bruce McCully's Cybersecurity Insights

Elevate Your MSP Game with Bruce McCully’s Cybersecurity Insights

In a recent episode of “Sunny’s Silver Linings,” we welcome Bruce McCully, a cybersecurity expert and strategic partner with IT By Design, for an engaging conversation about the evolving landscape of cybersecurity in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry.

Sunny kicked off the podcast by expressing her excitement about having Bruce as a guest and acknowledging his crucial role as a high-impact strategic partner in the channel. She highlighted the ever-changing nature of cybersecurity, including regulatory shifts, emphasizing its significance for every MSP.

The Race to the Top

Bruce shared his insights into the current state of cybersecurity in the MSP sector, describing it as a race to the top amidst commoditization. He emphasized the importance of building authority and maintaining a trusted advisor position in the market, ultimately enabling MSPs to stand out and provide exceptional value to their clients.

Three Key Components

Bruce elaborated on the three critical components of his session at the upcoming Build IT event: pricing and packaging, risk demonstration, and differentiation. He emphasized the need to segment solutions to demonstrate value effectively, avoiding nickel-and-diming clients. Bruce also highlighted the importance of showcasing cybersecurity as a means of protecting against risks rather than merely managing buttons and dials.

Talent Gap in Cybersecurity

The discussion turned to the challenges faced by MSPs in the realm of cybersecurity. Bruce identified the most significant challenge as recruiting and retaining the right talent due to the prevailing talent gap in the industry. He emphasized the importance of not only training but also creatively retaining skilled professionals in this high-demand field.

Build IT: A Unique Experience

Bruce shared his experience with Build IT, emphasizing its uniqueness in providing actionable takeaways for MSP owners. He praised the event for its focus on process improvement, client servicing, and response strategies. Bruce encouraged MSP leaders to attend with an open mind and a willingness to question their current approaches, underscoring the event’s potential to elevate their game.

Food and Beyond

Sunny and Bruce discussed the exceptional food experiences at Build IT events, with a special mention of the mouthwatering cookies from Carlos Bakery. This year, as Build IT heads to Orlando and NASA, attendees can expect even more extraordinary food experiences, aligning with the event’s theme of helping MSPs discover their next “moonshot.”

Bruce expressed his excitement about attending Build IT 2023, emphasizing the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and engage in discussions that can propel MSPs to greater success.

Watch: Elevate Your MSP Game with Bruce McCully’s Cybersecurity Insights

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