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The Importance of Building Relationships for Success with Brett Helgeson

What makes building relationships and delegation key components of success for an organization? Find out below! 

Brett Helgeson, an entrepreneur with experience in both commercial construction and the IT industry, shares his journey and entrepreneurial lessons learned. Brett started his first business in commercial construction and later transitioned into the IT industry by buying a company that had taken care of all his contracting IT needs. The CEO and Managing Partner of Adopt Technologies highlights three key entrepreneurial lessons learned, which include the strength and ability to delegate and hire the right people, always looking for additional clients and business partnerships, and focusing on people and culture. Brett emphasizes that people want to be a part of something, grow professionally and personally, and have a voice in the company. Therefore, fostering a culture that empowers people and genuinely cares about them is essential.

As a remote workplace has become more challenging, Brett focuses on building relationships with clients and team members, which are at the center of his business. He acknowledges that building relationships with clients has always been a priority, and he has longstanding partnerships with them. As for team members, Brett creates an environment that fosters open, honest, and transparent culture where people can question things and have a voice. He empowers people and helps them grow professionally by offering a development program.

Watch the complete podcast to learn valuable entrepreneurial lessons from Brett’s experiences.

Watch: The Importance of Building Relationships for Success with Brett Helgeson

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