Managing the Bottom Line During a Crisis

One of the most respected voices in the channel, Arlin Sorensen, VP – Brand and Ecosystem Evangelism at ConnectWise, will share his advice on small steps every business owner can take to help navigate the ups and downs of the current economy.

Kam Attwal-Kaila, President of IT By Design, and Arlin will talk about cash flow, sales pipelines, team care and more.

Join us for this webinar packed with tips to help you weather the storm.

Thursday, April 2 2PM ET

Leading in a Crisis: Empowering Your (Newly) Remote Team

We know the impact of the coronavirus on your MSP business is wide ranging—we are facing the same questions and concerns as each of you. We can help with effectively managing your (newly) remote team. As a talent services provider, and with a remote team of our own, we have built a library of guidelines, best practices, templates and scorecards that we can share with you to help ease these next few months. Remote workers can be just as productive and engaged, and we have advice on how to quickly achieve that reality—so you can keep focusing on taking care of your customers.

Thursday, March 26th 2PM ET

Pandemic Response Plan: How Do You Prepare Your MSP?

As the U.S. goes to battle against coronavirus, it highlights the need for every business to have an emergency response plan, but especially those of us in the services industry. As a Master MSP, we’ve had to pause and plan, balancing agility with well-considered and detailed preparation. President Kam Attwal Kaila, and CTO Javid Khan will share tips on how ITBD developed our own response plan, including researching best practices for the overall process—from internal preparedness to external communications. We’ll also share our plan with you, helping you, our peers, get a jump start on this challenge.

Thursday, March 19th 2PM ET

Nurture Campaigns to Improve Profitability

You’ve heard it before: It more expensive to find new customers than keep the ones you have. ITBD marketing strategist Gen Biggs will explore how using content and a steady nurture campaign can help you engage, reward, and grow your partnership with your existing customers.

Join us Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 2PM ET!

Digital Demand: The Growth Generation

Join our amazing guest, Janet Schijns, JS Group CEO and channel expert, for this fast-paced webinar that will address the new digital normal, how growth is achieved in a digital demand program, social media and the benefits of building your brand persona, the risks to your business created by digital, how to limit your risks, and how to generate high ROI demand digitally.

Join us Thursday, Feb. 20 at 2PM ET!

The Math and Science Behind Scaling Your MSP Business

What if you could generate 50% more revenue with the same number of employees?

Join TruMethods President Gary Pica and IT By Design CEO Sunny Kaila as they share secrets that have helped transform the countless MSPs they have worked with over the last 20 years.  You will take away ideas that you can immediately implement to improve results.

Join us Thursday, February 27th at 2PM!

Building a Profitable Team Through A Culture Of WOW

Building a culture of WOW is about growing a team of people committed to the same purpose, passion and ideals. Without a strong company culture, employees struggle to execute and certainly won’t perform at a level that moves a business from the mundane to rocket-fueled success.

But where do you start your journey? Join ITBD’s Gen Biggs as she shares our tips from the trenches on building a culture that drives profitable success as a side effect of a happy team.

Join us Tuesday, February 25 at 2PM ET

Making Your Security Stack a Requirement

Join Featured Guest, Jamie Lembeck of ID Agent as he discusses the aspects of what makes your Security Stack critical to the protection of your Client’s infrastructure.

4 Steps to Launch a BADASS Employee Recognition Program

Employees need inspiration to go along with their perspiration. This webinar will walk you through a model of four easy steps to set goals, objectives, and most importantly, budget impacts. This tool will guide you on both financials and general direction on how to execute an impactful Recognition and Reward Program.

“Awesome! Loved the focus of this topic. Very relevant and great information we can implement into our business”
~~ Christina R. – who attended this Workshop at Build IT

Turn Compliancy Needs into MSP Revenue

Understanding the layers of compliance requires an understanding of Client goals. Join Marc Haskelson as he reviews the myriad of factors that defines what Compliance expertise you need, and how you can leverage this for additional revenue from an enhanced Solutions Stack.

Corralling Your Culture: the 7 core areas that impact culture

Are you ready to turn Corporate Culture from buzzword to an actual asset serving as a reason people want to come work (and stay!) at your company?

In this webinar Arial will be discussing the seven core areas that provide insight into the consistent demonstration of values, beliefs and behaviors that define the culture you desire. Along with a process overview to cultivate culture both formally and informally.

Nurture Know-How, Cultivating Your Marketing Database

In today’s world of digital marketing, you need to grow your database and understand how to cultivate leads from your database. Finding the right Contacts is certainly not easy, but qualifying those Contacts as Leads is an even bigger challenge.

The Automation Journey

Join James Lippie of Kaseya, along with his ID Agent colleagues, as they discuss what everyone is talking about… Security. Learn how best to position this solution to both complement your other offers, and be impactful enough to stand-alone as needed.

9 Key Principles for a Great Strategic Plan

Join Brad Schow of ConnectWise, as he discusses the key principals to incorporate into your execution… no matter the strategy you’re using. He’ll be reviewing the typical mistakes made in developing strategy, and the 9 Principles to focus on to avoid them.

Managing Productive Conflict within Your Teams

Certified DiSC Facilitator, Shawn Walsh of Taylor Business Group, will be sharing unique insights on the intricacies of conflict resolution within your Teams, and how to approach improving communication. This is one you will NOT want to miss!

The X Y Zs of M&A

Channel veterans Arlin Sorensen of ConnectWise and Paul Cissel of 1 Path will join us to discuss those Little M&A Details you haven’t thought about. Topics will include the “right number”, Non-Negotiables, Deal Structure, and Overlooked Costs.

Building the RIGHT MSP Sales Org

Adam Slutskin of Liongard and Kam Attwal-Kaila of IT By Design will be discussing the ins-and-outs of building a productive and efficient Sales Organization. You’ll walk away with considerations for your first Sales Hire, Structure, correcting bad practices, AND Liongards Sales Best Practices tailored to MSPs!

Top Grading Your Way to an A+ Team

Learn the philosophy behind top grading hiring, and walk away with a scorecard to assure you are bringing the right people into your organization.

How To Effectively Utilize a RACI Chart

If you’ve never built a RACI chart, don’t be intimidated. We will show you how to build out this simple spreadsheet that captures everyday job tasks in big buckets. Learn how to leverage the RACI chart to keep employees Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed.

9 Box – Developing Your Team with Strategic Understanding

Professional development is key when it comes to keeping employees engaged. But how do you approach that planning? Learn how to leverage the 9-box method to plot out your employees’ career trajectory.