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NOC Services Enhanced to Better Suit Today’s MSP Needs

NOC Services Enhanced to Better Suit Today’s MSP Needs

We’ve heard you! We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil a set of new additions to our NOC services—One-Stop NOC—keeping your specific needs in mind: 

  • Weekend and after-hours NOC support 
  • Expert support for tackling cybersecurity challenges faced by your clients 
  • A more efficient way of handling MACDs and service requests 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting new offerings. 

Sentry: Support for After-Hours Peace of Mind 

The modern business landscape never sleeps, and neither should your support system. We’ve heard your concerns about network issues occurring during weekends and after-hours, causing disruptions and stress. That’s why we’ve introduced Sentry, an indispensable feature that provides round-the-clock support during weekends and after-hours. 

With Sentry, you get: 

  • P1 incident remediation from 5 pm to 5 am and 24×2 on weekends  
  • Vendor management during incident escalation  
  • Realtime client and end-customer communication  
  • Live phone support  
  • Warm handover of incidents at start of business 


  • Ensure uninterrupted business operations during weekends and off-hours. 
  • Quick resolution of critical network issues, reducing downtime and potential revenue loss. 
  • Rest easy knowing that a dedicated team is always vigilant, ready to handle any emergencies. 

Ignite: Powering Up Your Service Requests 

How your MSP manages service requests dictates operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Ignite is our comprehensive solution that takes everything you love about our Watch and Care services to the next level by seamlessly integrating service requests and MACDs (moves, adds, changes, deletes) into the mix. 

Ignite includes services such as: 

  • MS Service Pack installation  
  • New user configuration in Active Directory, Microsoft 365, LOB applications, and on-premises Exchange  
  • MDM, SharePoint, and other SaaS application policy and user administration  
  • Service request ticket handling 
  • Azure AD device identity management   
  • Hybrid Azure AD joined devices management   
  • And much more. 


  • Streamline and simplify the process of service requests. 
  • Faster issue resolution through a unified system. 
  • Enhanced visibility and control over your network’s performance. 

Ignite Secure: Expert Help for Battling Growing Cybersecurity Challenges 

Cybersecurity is a constant concern in today’s digital landscape. The threats are evolving, and user-caused incidents can be costly and detrimental. Moreover, only 14% of SMBs have a cybersecurity plan for 2023. You’ve shared your struggles in keeping up with these challenges and the need for expert help. We’ve got you covered with “Ignite Secure.”  

Ignite Secure is your answer to elevating your security. It’s a powerhouse team of dedicated security engineers who specialize in implementing best practices and minimizing user-caused incidents. The team implements best practices such as: 

  • Monthly security compliance checklist that fulfills ISO27001, CIS, and NIST best practices 
  • Quarterly end-user security awareness training to prevent the biggest causes of security incidents 
  • Microsoft Azure security best-practice management 

Talk to us today to understand how our dedicated NOC team can help you provide the highest standard of security and service to your clients. 

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