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Company Culture for Scaling Success

A Strong Company Culture Can Help You Scale Success with Will Slappey

How can you scale success through a strong company culture? Find out below!

Starting as a small business with just a few employees, the CEO of a leading MSP in America, Will Slappey, had the vision to take his company to the next level. Today, they have successfully bridged 18 acquisitions, growing from one location with 35 employees to 14 locations with 225. But how did they do it?

Will shared that their journey started with big three-ring binders and filing cabinets, running cables at customer sites, and cleaning up phones. He was fortunate to have a father involved in the business who gave them opportunities to grow. He started working part-time and eventually became the CEO, driven to continue growing the business.

Scaling a hyper-growth company came with its own set of challenges. One of the top challenges was industry sales, as it was difficult to branch sales outside of the principle owners. IT Voice’s stability also relied on their employees’ retention, making it challenging to hire new talent in the operations and sales realm.

To address this challenge, Will shared that their focus was on building a culture that attracts the best talent. They made sure that their company was a great place to work by promoting their core values, treating employees like people, and recognizing their contributions. Their strategies included writing anniversary and birthday cards, sending gift cards, and demonstrating core values through their employees.

Through these strategies, Will was able to build a culture that attracted the best talent, resulting in referrals from their employees. The referrals were a great cheat to the hiring system, allowing the company to get employees who knew what it was really like to work in their company. They were able to attract people who fit the company culture, leading to a stable and motivated workforce.

Scaling a business is no easy feat, but with the right strategies in place, it can be done successfully. It takes a great leader who is willing to take risks, build a strong company culture, and attract the best talent.

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