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The Time is Now: Transform from Tech-Centric to People-Centric Mindset

As an MSP owner or someone serving the channel in some capacity, you probably have a tech background, having been educated and employed as an engineer or something similar. So you’re very comfortable and proficient with technology and the many tools at your disposal. This is important, of course, because your MSP services are technology-based. But while your services may be tech-centric, your business is something else: People-centric.

We at IT by Design (ITBD) learned this lesson many years ago. We, too, began focused solely on tech. But then we of course hit the proverbial glass ceiling as many MSPs do. We got stuck. Then something amazing occurred: We put our focus on our people. Once that happened, ITBD began to grow and today we’re a Master MSP.

Our big lesson? That our skilled team members are the product we sell and the engine of growth in the MSP industry. “Grow your people and they’ll grow your business” became our mantra. Your people are your future leaders, so you want to retain them for as long as possible. You know that finding high-quality talent in our industry is one of our biggest pain points. The easiest way to reduce that pain is to:

  • Keep your existing employees happy by showing how critical their roles are in the short- and long-term goals of your organization
  • Help develop their job and leadership skills
  • Recognize and reward them for even their smallest achievements

There are plenty of tools and resources available to help you accomplish this, but they are all independent. You have to enter employee data into multiple tools, update that data, and run reports. You do this again and again. This can easily lead to tool fatigue. This problem is exacerbated even more if you’re a small MSP without someone to assist you with making sense of all these different data sets. The result? It’s nearly impossible to uncover useable insights that can lead to educated decisions. So our industry has an overarching need for a human-centric platform.

But guess what? That solution is coming. It’s a single tool composed of multiple data sets that gives you the ability to drive actionable insights across your organization’s people landscape. You’ll do this thanks to the richness of the data to which you’ll have easy access. This full-service employee and client engagement software package will help you visualize goal targets, cascade those down to each employee to ensure alignment, and effectively manage everything from employee culture to client sentiment.

It’s called Team GPS and ITBD created and developed it, making it a solution from an MSP for MSPs. Keep visiting this space to get more details about how it will help you make that all-important transformation from tech-centric to people-centric. Now you’ll be able to grow your people and watch them grow your business.

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