In the first mergers and acquisitions panel of 2024, Sunny engaged in an insightful discussion with industry experts Sam Levy, Partner – M&A Execution (Drakestar) and Christian Fulmino, SVP of Corporate Development and M&A (Dataprise) about the intricacies, current state and future trends of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the MSP channel. 

From this episode, you will learn about: 

  • The current M&A landscape in MSP industry, highlighting trends and challenges. 
  • Factors driving M&A include consolidation, specialization and demand for advanced technologies. 
  • Why sellers should focus on revenue quality, customer diversification and understanding deal structures. 
  • How buyers prioritize due diligence, integration plans and alignment of vision. 
  • Navigating cultural alignment and talent retention amidst M&A 

Factors Influencing M&A Activity 

The guests delve into the factors influencing M&A transactions, including market conditions, buyer demand and deal structures impacted by interest rates. They emphasize the importance of adapting to changing market dynamics and strategic positioning for successful transactions. 

Preparing for M&A: Advice for Sellers 

Christian Fulmino shares practical advice for MSP owners considering selling their businesses, focusing on factors such as revenue quality, customer diversification and operational efficiencies to enhance attractiveness to potential buyers. 

Due Diligence and Value Creation for Buyers 

Sam Levy discusses critical due diligence steps for potential buyers to assess the value and potential of target companies. He emphasizes the importance of understanding synergies, integration plans and alignment of goals to create value post-acquisition. 

Maintaining Culture and Talent Retention 

The conversation shifts to the importance of maintaining culture and talent retention amidst M&A activity. Both guests stress the need for employees to embrace change, maintain an open mind and seize growth opportunities within the evolving organizational landscape. 


The discussion concludes with valuable insights for stakeholders navigating the complexities and opportunities of M&A transactions within the MSP industry, emphasizing the importance of clear communication, alignment of goals, and cultural fit for successful outcomes. 

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