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Learn to Build Your Winning Team at Build IT LIVE 2024

Learn to Build Your Winning Team at Build IT LIVE

Whether you’re trying to build one or even planning to do so, you can learn how to do that at Build IT LIVE 2024! 

The three-day MSP leadership event will cover crucial aspects of ‘Building Winning Teams’, the core theme for this year’s conference, along with dynamic breakout sessions on other relevant topics. 

Unlock the Power of Working Genius 

We are sure you must have heard of the world-renowned Working Genius framework. Guess what? We are bringing in facilitators from The Table Group—the makers of the framework—to Build IT LIVE 2024. The best part is that you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars to attend this training workshop typically priced in the thousands; it’s included in your ticket. 

On Day 1, you will be able to attend this workshop, typically priced in the thousands, included in your Build IT LIVE ticket. 

Learn how to identify the different “geniuses” within your team and leverage their strengths to build a well-rounded, high-performing unit with the right dynamic. 

Beyond the Workshop: 5 Must-Attend Breakout Sessions on Crafting Champion Teams 

Apart from conducting specialized workshops that will enable you to build winning teams, Build IT LIVE 2024 will also offer several other insightful sessions critical to building your dream team(s): 

  1. Accurately Measuring Productivity
    Building winning teams begins with accurately defining metrics and measuring productivity. But what numbers truly matter, and how should they be measured? Unveil the insights to effectively measuring team productivity and unlocking growth! 
  2. Building Resilient Teams
    How do you build teams that are capable enough to navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic MSP landscape? How do you build teams that thrive on collective success? Find answers to these questions and gather other insights that will enable you to build resiliency in your teams. 
  3. Getting Team Health and Dynamics Right
    You’ll only be able to achieve sustainable growth for your MSP if your employees are working in an environment that fosters open communication, promotes work-life balance, and supports physical and mental well-being. At Build IT LIVE 2024, learn how you can cultivate a positive work culture and boost team morale for your MSP.  
  4. Building Adaptive Teams
    Are your teams adaptive to change? Teams that are superfluid only stand the test of time. Learn how to build superfluid and adaptive teams at Build IT LIVE 2024.    
  5. Compensation Strategies for a Happy and Productive Team
    This year’s Build IT LIVE will also deliver into best practices and practical strategies to ensure equitable pay practices that foster employee satisfaction and organizational success. 

A Well-Rounded Conference for MSP Excellence 

Build IT LIVE goes beyond team building. Explore a comprehensive program featuring power-packed sessions on navigating mergers and acquisitions (M&A), achieving business growth and financial success, thought-provoking discussions on leadership and strategy, and security and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Build IT LIVE 2024 is the place where you can truly transform the future of your MSP! 

Ticket prices start from only $599 with multiple options to suit your needs. Want to bring your team members or other guests along for the ride? Buy the Team Builder Bundle worth $1000 to bring four team members or the guest pass ($299 each) for any guests. 

Get ready to build teams that thrive on collective success and become the greatest asset to your MSP. View the detailed agenda and reserve your spot now!